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WOW Car of the Year winners announced!

WOW Car of the Year winners announced!

The votes are in for the best cars in SA, as voted for exclusively by women. The 2016 Women on Wheels (WOW) Women’s Car of the Year Award goes to the Hyundai Tucson and the Range Rover Sport takes the overall Reader’s Choice Award.

Thousands of votes were cast and , and combined with the judges’ votes, the winning cars in 11 categories have also been decided were chosen out of 120 finalists (over and above the overall winners).

Cars were also tested voted for by the all women judging panel which included WOW editor Juliet McGuire and 9 other top motoring journalists namely: Melinda Ferguson, Janine-Lee van der Post, Mabuyane Kekana, Lindsay Vine-Smyth, Ané Theron, Jeanette Kritzinger, Carrie-Anne Jane, Liana Reiners, and Vuyi Jabavu.

“Judges voted based on things such as good value for money, practicality, comfort, and performance,” says Juliet McGuire, the driving force behind the awards.

The ten judges voted for cars in each category via a point system and the car with the highest number of votes was then crowned the winner of that category. Judges were then asked to vote for their overall car of the year. The Hyundai Tucson took this top honour due to its affordability, practicality and overall value for money.

WOW readers were able to vote for their favourite cars online (2808 entries were received with 2383 Unique Entries) and their votes were counted with those of the 10 top South African female motoring journalists to determine the winner in each category. The 11 winners each received a Reader’s Choice award and the Range Rover Sport was chosen from the list of category winners as the Reader’s Choice 2016 WOW Car of the Year.

“The reason these awards are so important is because they are the only awards that are catered to women and voted by women and women make up 80% of car buying decisions in the household,” says McGuire. “These judges are at the top of their game within the motoring journalism industry. It’s also interesting to see what the public would consider the best of the best.”

She continues: “This was the first year whereby a point system was used in the voting process and I could not be happier with the results. It is a true reflection of what the leading female motoring journalists in this country deem to be the best of the best. The Reader’s Choice section of the awards is also a first for the WOW awards. Usually we include it in the total votes, but I felt we should keep them separate as to see exactly what our readers are thinking when it comes to the best cars on the market.”

All The Winners:


Budget buys: Kia Picanto

Hatchbacks: Audi A3

Family Sedans: Audi A4

Luxury Sedans: BMW 7 Series

MPVs: Kia Sedona

Green Cars: Volvo XC90 T8

Compact Crossover/SUVs: Hyundai Tucson

Large Crossover/SUV: Volvo XC90

Convertibles: Mazda MX-5

Lifestyle Bakkies: Ford Ranger

Sports Cars: Ford Mustang



Budget buys: Volkswagen Polo

Hatchbacks: Mercedes-Benz A-Class

Family Sedans: Audi A4

Luxury Sedans: Mercedes-Benz S-Class

MPVs: Mercedes-Benz V-Class

Green Cars: BMW i8

Compact Crossover/SUVs: Mercedes-Benz GLC

Large Crossover/SUV: Range Rover Sport

Convertibles: Ferrari 488 Spider

Lifestyle Bakkies: Toyota Hilux

Sports Cars: Ford Mustang