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Terms and Conditions

  1. All advertising rates shall be charged in accordance with the rate card then in effect and exclude VAT. Advertorial rates include standard production costs, such as copy writing, photography, styling, reproduction and print.
  2. Invoices are payable within 30 days from date of invoice unless stipulated otherwise. Any sponsorship, separate from advertising, of an event, supplement, magazine campaign or competition will be billed separately. Once a booking form for a sponsorship has been received, an invoice will be rendered of which the client undertakes to pay 50% of the total sponsorship amount on presentation of the invoice immediately and the balance of 50 % is due 7 days after the sponsorship/event unless stipulated otherwise.
  3. Outstanding amounts will be subject to interest at the prime rate charged by Nedbank from time to time. A certificate from any Nedbank branch manager shall be sufficient to prove the prime rate. The client undertakes to pay the publisher’s collection costs in the event of non-payment on the attorney and own client scale.
  4. No cancellation of advertisements by the client will be accepted after the stipulated booking deadlines. If an advertisement is cancelled after the booking deadline, the client undertakes to pay the publisher a 50% cancellation fee of the total amount, or the value of the actual costs incurred on the project, whichever is the higher. If an advertisement is cancelled after the deadline for the submission of material, the client undertakes to pay the publisher 100% of the amount invoiced as a cancellation fee.
  5. No extensions will be granted in relation to the delivery dates for material. If material arrives after the due date, the full rate will be charged and paid. If material is delivered after the date for submission, then the publisher will use its sole discretion to determine whether the material may still be published and if so, will exercise its discretion accordingly.
  6. The onus is solely on the client to ensure that material is supplied in the correct format. Should a contact proof not be supplied on or before the stipulated material deadline, the publisher cannot be held responsible for colour matching or any reproduction errors that may occur.
  7. The publisher reserves the right to withhold publication of any advertisement and to cancel any advertisement order that may conflict with the brand values of any magazine, may be harmful to any third party or may reflect negatively on the magazine. Any such decision shall be communicated to the client.
  8. No liability shall be accepted by the publisher for losses arising from omissions, failure to publish, the publication of incorrect material, typographical errors or any mistake or error of whatever kind on the advertisement or advertorial which has been approved by the client, or as a result of negligence on the part of any third party supplier whose services are required by the client or publisher. All orders are subject to space available.
  9. The publisher shall not take responsibility for storage of pre-printed supplements and loose inserts supplied for insertion. All inserts/samples must be approved by the factory for pressure or machine compatibility, before insertion can take place. The standard production industry contingency of 5% will be required for loose inserts and/or inserts of a very technical nature. In the event of our printers not being able to handle an insert due to incorrect packaging, no liability shall be accepted for any losses arising from the omission of the insert. Contents of pre-printed inserts are subject to the approval of the editor and cannot always be guaranteed.
  10. The client indemnifies the publisher against all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, costs, damages and loss arising out of any breach by the advertiser of any of the terms of this agreement through publication of the material submitted.
  11. The publisher owns all intellectual property including the rights of copyright associated with the campaign in relation to photographs, which it has contributed, and copy that it has generated. The client retains ownership of all right, title and interest in and to their logos and trademarks.
  12. No addition to, variation of novation, or agreed cancellation of these terms and conditions shall be of any force or effect unless in writing and signed by or on behalf of the publisher and the advertiser.
  13. Should any of these terms and conditions be unforeseeable, then such term or condition shall be severable from the remainder of this agreement which shall remain of full force and effect.





  1. The Publisher, Associated Media Publishing (Pty)Ltd in the case of Good Housekeeping and House & Leisure, and Associated Media (Pty) Ltd in the case of Cosmopolitan SA, reserve the right to ensure that all promotional (advertorial, competition pages or booklets) and editorial pages (including special supplements), maintain the magazine’s editorial style and tone overall.
  2. Promotional pages are produced according to the magazines’ editorial interpretation of the product and reflect the magazine’s individual style. The magazine will organize all creative execution for the advertorial, hiring a photographer and stylist, setting up the shoot and write the copy. The style and writing will also conform to the editorial standards and distinctive ‘voice’ of the magazine. We follow our copy style sheets and standard rules of grammar and spelling in creating and editing the advertorial copy and these are not negotiable.
  3. We do not use brand names in the headlines of promotions or competitions. These may appear in intro blurbs, and is done at the discretion of the editor in terms of what work best to ensure the editorial credibility, tone and style of the promotion or competition is retained.
  4. We will include the name and contact details of the company in the copy. The slug on the page is always written all in capital letters (exactly the same as on our editorial pages) and will always state ‘[BRAND NAME] PROMOTION’ or ‘ADVERTORIAL’.
  5. The product brief and product specific instructions must reach us by brief deadline.
  6. The layout and photographs will be sent to the client for approval/corrections. Only one set of copy changes will be accepted. Re-shoots, for any reason other than photographs being technically incorrect, will be charged at R10 500 or the value of the actual costs incurred, whichever is the higher. Final editorial decisions remain the right of the editor.
  7. Once the client has been sent the layout, they have 48 hours in which to approve it. In the event that we might be unable to contact the client during the production process, the client shall provide us with the name and number of the person whom we should contact. He or she shall have the authority to approve copy and layouts in the clients’ absence. If we do not receive a response from either the client or their nominated contact person within 48 hours from the time the layout has been sent for signing off, we will assume that the layout is approved and will send it to print.
  8. If there is a competition please note the following: The winners shall be drawn by the magazine.  The magazine will send the winners names to the client.  The client is responsible for contacting the winners and organizing the delivery of the prizes, unless otherwise specified. Delivery of prizes must take between 4 – 6 weeks of the list of winners being received from the magazines.  A delivery deadline must be stipulated.
  9. Should the client not be able to deliver the prize, they undertake to pay the full rate of the value of the competition to the publisher.
  10. Run-ons of the advertorial can be ordered at a cost of R500 per 100 (excluding VAT). Written orders should be faxed to our attention. For deliveries outside the Cape Town area, a delivery charge of R375 applies.