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Thoki Tafeni

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.12.22 PMAfter completing a fashion internship, at Oprah Magazine I received an internship at Expresso Show where I assisted their Fashion Director, Alexis Chaffe May. After my internship was complete I began working as the Fashion assistant at FHM as well as assisting top stylists Crystal Birch on a number of large international styling jobs. I then earned the position of the fashion editor at Kick off magazine where I worked for a year. If then started working at a PR company, Press Room where I was appointed as their Showroom manager, inhouse stylist and coordinator until earlier this year.

I was selected as the only international designer showing at Seattle Fashion Week 2015,which took place in June this year. Creating an American Jazz age inspired collection, the monochrome range caught the attention of the vast audience.Showing alongside names such as Project Runway’s Michelle Lesniak and Joshua Christensen.

I funded my runway through the crowd-funding site, Kickstarter. Creating a video and campaign asking people world wide to pledge towards this great opportunity, I was able to raise the full asking amount of $2250 within the first five days of the Kickstarter and completed the campaign with the total raised amount of $3086 ( .   The show was a huge success and drew the interest of many potential customers and buyers that attended the show.  With the close attention from the likes of Amazon and Nordstroms, I was able to conclude that my designs were well received by all. Being the only South African showing at this Fashion Week and being able to share my story with them, it sparked a lot of questions and curiosity around South African design talent. I saw a small opportunity and grabbed it with both hands.

On my return back to Cape Town, I was contacted by Vancouver Fashion Week and have been personally invited to showcase a range at their AW16 event happening in March 2016.  I hope to be able to showcase at both Vancouver Fashion Week and Seattle Fashion Week next year. 

I am also in the process of applying to study global merchandise marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Francisco next year too.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2016.