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HR Manager

HR Manager


We are looking for an HR Manager with a difference. The media industry is a challenging environment, and we’re looking for an all-rounder HR Manager to pre-empt the needs of exciting but turbulent times.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the full employee cycle and full function of HR.

This role independently, and reports directly into the senior management team so confidence in one’s capability and an understanding of business need is key to your success.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Developing HR Strategies e.g. Recruitment, Selection and Retention Strategies;
  • Review of company policy;
  • Develop and improve HR process to suit the needs of employees;
  • Lead the Recruitment and Selection process and provide support to line management;
  • Induct employees, and in so doing, provide employees with the foundation of success in their new role;
  • Monitor the completion of Probation Review and Annual Performance Reviews;
  • Provide guidance and leadership for the resolution of grievances and progressive discipline;
  • Assess and plan for Training Needs, that includes conducting a Training Needs Analysis; SETA submissions (WSP/ATR); Mandatory and Discretionary Grant applications and Tranche Payment submissions;
  • Ensure compliance to all South African Labour Legislation, including Health and Safety (fulfill the role of 16.2), and keep abreast of relevant amendments;
  • Oversee the accurate monthly payroll processing;
  • ESS administration and Leave;
  • Develop, submit and track the company’s EE Plan;
  • Conducting Exit Interviews;
  • Monthly reporting with the use of key HR Metrics


Key Requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Appropriate HR qualification.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, strong analytical skills and ability to make sound decisions.
  • Working knowledge of relevant legislation (BCEA, EE, Skills Act, and LRA) is essential.
  • Strong technical skills (Excel, Word and Powerpoint) are essential.
  • Having worked or implemented an HRIS would be advantageous.
  • The ability to plan, organise, follow up, seek efficient and effective processes, analyse and report on people processes and metrics, and maintain a professional, approachable and confidential manner is critical.
  • Attention to detail is essential


Being an AMP Employee

The character of the Company and the people within it has to build this, and that’s why we look for inspirational, courageous, provocative team players that want to be a part of the Associated Media Publishing family.


PASSION – Someone who shows enthusiasm, zeal, drive, slay, motivation, energy, inspiring, innovative.

PURPOSE – Everything we do is done with 2 specific intentions, firstly to inspire and grow our tribes, secondly to deliver opportunities for our Advertisers to engage with our tribe.

CHUTZPAH – Someone who is born of an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude.  Innovative thinking pro-active doing, pushing boundaries, leading by example, risk taking, innovative thinking, forever learning, trailblazing, game changer.
INNOVATION – Someone who is ideas and goal driven, impactful, value add, strategic thinking, sees opportunity, zero chill, brave, on point, bold, dynamic, revolutionary, agile, go getter, motivated, determined.

PROFESSIONALISM – Someone who is always striving for excellence, trustworthy, courteous and respectful, honest, open and transparent, always ethical, honorable and act with integrity at all times, competent and improves continually.