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House and Leisure wins prestigious FIPP Insight Award

House and Leisure wins prestigious FIPP Insight Award

House and Leisure won silver at the prestigious FIPP Insight Awards for Best Commercial Outcome based on the outstanding brand redesign.

FIPP is a global media network that represents content-rich companies or individuals involved in the creation, publishing or sharing of quality content.

“This is a great case study on brand transformation. The project underscores the importance of being relevant to the buying market and at the same time maintaining brand integrity,” said an official statement by FIPP’s official award judges.

Having recently relaunched the renowned design and decor brand in collaboration with Mutant Design Agency, this award has placed House and Leisure in the global spotlight.

Congratulations to the House and Leisure team for taking the big leap and reinventing the brand successfully! The innovative and iconic magazine cover of House and Leisure has become synonymous with the brand with the concept of focusing a lens on leisure.

Overall House and Leisure scored high in relevance and results and moderately well in the category of innovation.

“The results demonstrated a year-over-year increase in circulation, which in turn would generate more revenue for the brand,” the judges added.

CEO of Associated Media Publishing, Julia Raphaely attended the awards ceremony held in Las Vegas earlier this month, November 2019.


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