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Head of Digital

Head of Digital

Cape Town


AMP is looking for a dynamic person to join their Top Management Team.

As Head of Digital, you will be accountable for running all aspects of the digital department, generate profitable digital revenue aligned with growth targets for AMP and secure a digital audience that aligns with strategy for AMP. Strong business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit is critical to the role.


Essential Duties & Responsibilities


1. Assist with achieving budgeted digital sales
2. Business development
3. Achieve budgeted digital profits
4. Deliver digital innovation
5. Manage all staff on your team
6. Meet all BSC budgeted targets 100%
7. Ensure AMP staff are digitally trained
8. Provide digital project support
9. Achieve 100% of the digital strategy

1.Assist with achieving budgeted digital sales

  • Ensure sales teams are properly trained to secure targeted digital revenue
  • Ensure digital assets are correctly quoted by sales
  • Ensure the sales team are equipped with revenue generating cutting edge digital products & technical support to sell those products where required
  • Ensure agreed turn-around times for sales pitches / concepts / projects etc. are 100% achieved

2. Business development

  • Conceptualise, build and present digital strategies to support client objectives
  • Work on proactive concepts and ideas to present to new and existing client base
  • Identify and capitilise on digital opportunities within special projects & events

3. Achieve budgeted digital profits

  • Achieve 100% of budgeted digital net profit for AMP
  • Ensure all new digital projects achieve targeted net profit

4. Deliver digital innovation

  • Achieve 100% of the X2P Strategy BSC targets
  • Deliver at least 3 digital innovations annually – achieve 100% of the project targets

5. Manage all staff on your team

  • Ensure a minimum 80% staff retention
  • Ensure training program is 100% complete on time
  • Ensure training scores achieve a minimum average of 90%
  • Ensure staff efficiency is sufficient to achieve budgeted project profits
  • Ensure KPI targets for your staff are achieved

6. Meet all BSC budgeted targets 100%

  • Meet Management BSC targets 100%
  • Meet Brand BSC targets 100%
  • Meet Project BSC targets 100%

7. Ensure AMP staff are digitally trained

  • Develop digital marketing & platform training program for all AMP staff with HR
  • Assist HR with required from results of training scores to achieve 90% average pass rate

8. Provide digital project support

  • Ensure digital alternative revenue project targets are 100% met
  • Ensure digital affiliate revenue project targets are 100% met

9. Achieve 100% of the ampDigital strategy

  • Achieve ampDigital BSC targets 100%
  • Ensure optimal integration between amp & ampDigital



  • An industry relevant tertiary qualification
  • 5+ years’ experience in a similar role
  • 3+ years of exceptional understanding of fundamental web site and mobile device usability best practices, standards compliant design, cross browser compatibility, user interface design and analytics
  • Knowledge and thirst to investigate innovate and develop trends in website, digital magazines, social media and mobile application development and the tools necessary to build online and interactive projects
  • The entrepreneurialism required to identify and monetize commercial opportunities derived from our digital platforms
    A fantastic people manager, trainer and mentor with the ability to draw out the best from colleagues from across the business
  • Good planning and organizing skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills (written & verbal)
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines, multi-task, prioritize and handle a diverse and varying workload
  • Sound networking skills – a dynamic coordinator, who can network and develop strong internal and external relationships
  • Decisive, proactive, motivated, enthusiastic, self-disciplined, problem solver
  • Attention to detail, utmost professionalism and discretion to be applied in reflecting the company profile


Being an AMP Employee

The character of the Company and the people within it has to build this, and that’s why we look for inspirational, courageous, provocative team players that want to be a part of the Associated Media Publishing family.


PASSION – Someone who shows enthusiasm, zeal, drive, slay, motivation, energy, inspiring, innovative.

PURPOSE – Everything we do is done with 2 specific intentions, firstly to inspire and grow our tribes, secondly to deliver opportunities for our Advertisers to engage with our tribe.

CHUTZPAH – Someone who is born of an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude.  Innovative thinking pro-active doing, pushing boundaries, leading by example, risk taking, innovative thinking, forever learning, trailblazing, game changer.
INNOVATION – Someone who is ideas and goal driven, impactful, value add, strategic thinking, sees opportunity, zero chill, brave, on point, bold, dynamic, revolutionary, agile, go getter, motivated, determined.

PROFESSIONALISM – Someone who is always striving for excellence, trustworthy, courteous and respectful, honest, open and transparent, always ethical, honorable and act with integrity at all times, competent and improves continually.