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Good Housekeeping Pays Off for Associated Media

Good Housekeeping Pays Off for Associated Media

Good Housekeeping magazine is paying off for Associated Media after only four years on shelf. It is SA’s only international title adapted for an Afrikaans audience and is showing an impressive 109% growth digitally year-on-year.


Readership is currently 93 000, and by adding digital platforms the magazine now boasts exposure to an audience of around 371,000 a month across print and digital platforms. “Our Good Housekeeping/ Goeie Huishouding brand reflects a stable paid-for-circulation year-on-year, while our many of our competitors are showing a decline in circulation,” says Associated Media CEO, Julia Raphaely.


“We are thrilled with the incredible growth on our digital platforms,” she says. “Our audience can access Good Housekeeping/Goeie Huishouding content daily on multiple channels, 24/7. We utilize all digital channels and our social media network is sitting on 126 702 with year on year growth of 150% and our total registered newsletter users has increased by 51% year on year.”


As to how the magazine achieved this, Sally Emery, who became editor of the brand when it launched in November 2011, says Good Housekeeping and Goeie Huishouding delivers South African women authentic content that is genuinely useful in their lives.


“The most precious commodity today is time, and all of our content – whether it is information about health, parenting, fashion, beauty or about running a household strives to make her busy life easier,” she explains. “Our promise to our reader is that we deliver tried, tested and trusted information that will save her time, money and hassle and I believe we consistently deliver that, both in print and through our online platforms,” says Emery.


She says the Afrikaans audience in particular is very engaged online, and love sharing the brands Facebook post with their friends.  “Last week Saturday we had a combined organic Facebook reach of 1 million for the first time, and on Monday the Afrikaans page had 1 million reach on its own.”


She continues: “We had one post on our Afrikaans Facebook page last week that was shared over 7 500 times and the reach on this one organic post was 462 993. This shows the high propensity for audience engagement on the brand and we are delighted that the content the team is creating is being so well received.”


She adds: “Our digital platforms, whether that is our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest allow us to engage with her every day, throughout the day. And then of course there is our monthly magazine print offering, which are at the heart of the brand and forms the cornerstone for our digital content.”


Owned by the Hearst Corporation in the US, the magazine was first printed in 1885.

Associated Media has taken this iconic international brand and made it locally relevant and appealing to a South African audience.


Emery points out that Good Housekeeping is a feel-good title and this is very much reflected not only in the positive content, but in the design of the magazine too.  “The magazine also recently changed to a Uno Matt paper stock which has great texture and a more modern look further adding to the appeal of the magazine.”


She adds: “We also want to deliver women the best content available at the best price, so we’ve kept the magazine on-shelf price point under R30.”


The brand is also very attractive for advertisers whose brands get exposure in both Good Housekeeping and Goeie Huishouding giving them two markets for one price with the added benefit of exposure on the magazine’s digital platforms.


The editorial team also continually looks at ways to maintain online engagement. One example is the newly launched Games addition to the GH website. “Now our online audience can do Crosswords, Soduko and Word Searches online – the puzzles are fully responsive, work across multiple platforms and are, of course, hugely fun to play,” says Emery.


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