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Cosmopolitan SA outperforms the world

Cosmopolitan SA outperforms the world

September biggest growth in online traffic

This past September, Cosmopolitan South Africaoutperformed its counterparts by posting the highest increase in online traffic compared to other international editions of the global brand. Cosmopolitan SA increased its unique visitors to by 261% to more than 107 000, while visits to the site were up by 407% to 238 650, with more than 520 000 page views.

‘This is a huge achievement for us,’ says Cosmopolitan SA editor Cathy Lund. ‘Our focus over the past year has been on growing our digital presence and making sure that our predominantly Millennial audience keeps on engaging with the brand. Our efforts have paid off, and we’re looking ahead at increasing these numbers even further.’

Commenting on why the increase has been so dramatic, Cosmopolitan SA’s senior online content producer Mimi Thurgood adds that combining the website with the mobi site, better SEO and an increase in the number of posts per day all added up to the positive numbers for September.

Cosmopolitan SA launched its new-look website in September and at the same time released the findings of its first Millennial Survey. The ‘Why Millennials Matter’ survey was the most comprehensive survey the magazine brand has conducted in recent years, with the aim to understand its key audience more fully. More than 3 400 readers participated in the survey, and the findings were used to mould the brand’s content strategy and platform expansion.

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