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COSMOPOLITAN launches their Rock The Vote campaign

COSMOPOLITAN launches their Rock The Vote campaign

The COSMO team took up the challenge to encourage readers to stand up and vote in the upcoming election.

This project started out by encouraging readers to register to vote during the final voter registration weekend.

As part of phase two we would like to educate COSMO girls around what each party is doing for feminist policy and women’s rights so that they can make an informed vote in the general elections in May 2019. Proceeds from the ROCK THE VOTE tee will go to an organisation called Not Yet Uhuru which focuses on womxm empowerment through policy.  

We launched a survey to find out our readers’ political views. The findings of this survey will be used in a report published in COSMO April issue and used in the manifesto in collaboration with Not Yet Uhuru.

Read more about this campaign and how to get your Rock The Vote Tee here.