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Content Producer

Content Producer

Cape Town


Conceptualise, research, write, commission, produce, edit and upload relevant and engaging editorial and commercial content across all Good Housekeeping (GH) platforms (including both digital and print) that is in line with the brand identity and supports Associated Media Publishing’s aim of delivering engaged audience.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Conceptualise and generate story/content ideas as required across all GH platforms, from print to social media, website to Instagram, video to Facebook, Twitter to digital newsletter
  • Research, write, produce and edit original, innovative and engaging stories/content (including commercial content) in line with the GH brand
  • Ensure ‘newsworthy’ content is constantly being created for the brand by providing ideas and creating stories for relevant sections of both the digital (eg Instagram Stories, website) and print (eg Health, Lifestyle) platforms
  • Commercial content: create webvertorials and content marketing campaigns for clients as required, ensuring that correct links, credits, logos, images etc are used
  • Produce required content for special projects (SP) and events as briefed by Project Managers and Editors
  • Edit and upload (in the case of digital content) all content produced
  • Present print stories in a form ready for layout by rewriting, writing, localising, adding sidebars and any extras needed to maximise features to full editorial and visual effect
  • Present digital stories with all relevant images, links and hashtags
  • Ensure all digital content meets SEO and social media best practice guidelines
  • Constantly look for opportunities for digital and print to talk to and enhance each other
  • Read and monitor competitive magazines and media brands to keep abreast of new ideas and trends, as well as international media outlets focused on design, art and architecture
  • Meet all deadlines as set out by the Managing Editor, Deputy Editor/Digital Editor and Project Managers
    Work with the Editor, Deputy Editor/Digital Editor to ensure every piece of content is maximised across print and digital platforms
  • Attend relevant events and be the ‘face’ of the brand as required
  • Provide live social media coverage from events
  • Contribute to regular digital strategy updates
  • Brainstorm cross-platform commercial opportunities with greater editorial and marketing team
  • Business and commercial awareness


  • Three years of writing and content-production experience in an editorial environment
  • Relevant diploma/degree
  • Honest and accurate reporting
  • Excellent interviewing skills
  • Excellent editing skills
  • Excellent writing style
  • Video and video editing skills an advantage
  • Social-media savvy
  • Creative thinking
  • Commercially driven
  • Familiar with creating content using digital tools and CMS platforms such as WordPress
  • Basic knowledge of Google Analytics is an advantage
  • Able to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Able to work well within a small and busy team
  • Good general knowledge
  • Writing and content-production in an editorial environment: 3 years (required)

Being an AMP Employee

The character of the Company and the people within it has to build this, and that’s why we look for inspirational, courageous, provocative team players that want to be a part of the Associated Media Publishing family.


PASSION – Someone who shows enthusiasm, zeal, drive, slay, motivation, energy, inspiring, innovative.

PURPOSE – Everything we do is done with 2 specific intentions, firstly to inspire and grow our tribes, secondly to deliver opportunities for our Advertisers to engage with our tribe.

CHUTZPAH – Someone who is born of an entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude.  Innovative thinking pro-active doing, pushing boundaries, leading by example, risk taking, innovative thinking, forever learning, trailblazing, game changer.
INNOVATION – Someone who is ideas and goal driven, impactful, value add, strategic thinking, sees opportunity, zero chill, brave, on point, bold, dynamic, revolutionary, agile, go getter, motivated, determined.

PROFESSIONALISM – Someone who is always striving for excellence, trustworthy, courteous and respectful, honest, open and transparent, always ethical, honorable and act with integrity at all times, competent and improves continually.