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AMP Donates R10 000 to The Newborns Trust

AMP Donates R10 000 to The Newborns Trust

When a baby is born it needs all the help it can get in order to survive. This is especially true when a baby is premature or critically ill. For many newborns, this help first comes from the devoted doctors and nurses in hospitals. The Newborn Trust is an organisation that is dedicated to helping the healthcare professionals of Groote Schuur hospital’s Neonatal Unit, so they can do everything possible to increase survival rates amongst newborns.

In October, The Newborn Trust hosted their annual charity ball to raise money for their cause. AMP attended this ‘Celebration of Possibilities’ and was deeply moved by the work the trust does. They donated R10 000 to support the fantastic organisation. The charity ball managed to raise R430 000 on the night.

All proceeds goes towards supporting the Neonatal Unit at Groote Schuur Hospital. In addition to delivering and taking care of newborns, the unit also acts function as a clinical model, academic resource and national centre of excellence. The money helps with redevelopment and refurbishment of the unit, upgrading of lifesaving equipment, and recycling of used equipment, implementation of ongoing regional and national tranining programmes and provision of education and support to newborn mothers.

To support The Newborn Trust you can make a donation on their website.