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Associated Media Publishing is passionate about supporting young South African talent by contributing to skills development in the media industry. We work closely with SETA to establish an internship programme, and will be launching our next programme mid-2017. Details of the various internships available (as well as application requirements) will be made available in March 2017.

If you have any queries, please e-mail HR at

Some of our past interns shared their success stories with us:

“I recently wrapped up my six month internship with Marie Claire (with a heavy heart, might I add). The experience is truly priceless. I was given the opportunity to work with the most inspiring people in the industry, and my opinion and creative input was never overlooked. To anyone considering an internship with a magazine like Marie Claire, the job is worth it. No one said it would be easy.”

~ Stephanie


“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at AMP. I met the most amazing people and without the experience I gained in the time I was there, I would never have been where I am today. I am currently freelancing for AMP.”

~ Marcus, Sales and Promotions Designer


“The experience I gained is invaluable – AMP is an amazing company to work for. The team I worked with is amazing, so full of knowledge and not afraid to share it with anyone. I would definitely go back to AMP in a heartbeat. Since leaving AMP, I must say that I have a great advantage over most other interns – AMP has been a great start to my career. It has opened doors to many opportunities.”

~ Simone


“I enjoyed my internship at AMP so much that I am looking to go back. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge that’s helped me get the position I am in today. The experience reaffirmed that the publishing industry is my passion and it is definitely where I want to be.”

~ Matthew, Visual Merchandiser


“For me the internship at AMP was an eye-opening experience. I had the opportunity to work very closely with the management teams. I was given plenty of opportunities to write my own articles, which was great because writing is one of my passions.”

~ Alexandra, Managing Editor


“My internship was a really good experience. It gave me the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes, all the work that goes into publishing, and understand what the industry is all about. My time there taught me a lot of things that I still carry with me today.”

~ Derryn-anne, Junior Graphic Designer


“During my internship I learnt a lot of good lessons and gained priceless experience. I also had the opportunity to build incredible relationships and met really fantastic people who inspired and motivated me.”

~ Kelly, Freelance stylist & model


“The internship experience was a memorable and enjoyable one. I’ve learnt so much; the team really opened my eyes to new ideas and new ways of thinking – they are exceptional to work with.”

~ Ricci-lee, Fashion and film website founder


“I had a very good experience with AMP. I am so grateful to the people I had the opportunity to work with, and to have been mentored by such great, educated and experienced employees. The experience has really helped me with my career.”

~ Amy-Leigh, Content Producer


“For me, it’s all about experience and exposure; it certainly has been an eye-opener. I’ve gained very valuable experience in the last few months and I am thoroughly enjoying my time at AMP.”

~ Bulelwa


“If I could describe my internship in two words, they would be ‘fun’ and ‘amazing’. I’ve learnt so much and I’m still learning. I had the most amazing mentors and feel very privileged to have worked with them. Interning at AMP has shown me the true meaning of teamwork – what it is to really pull together to achieve your goals.”

~ Michelle, Events Assistant